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The Alliance for Digital Innovation Announces Its New Executive Director

November 17, 2021

Washington, DC – November 17, 2021 – The Alliance for Digital Innovation (ADI), which represents a cohort of organizations in the IT, cybersecurity, cloud, and digital technology sectors, is pleased to announce that it has appointed Ross Nodurft as Executive Director.

Ross Nodurft comes to ADI with extensive experience in the public sector technology space, having worked across the security and technology landscape on issues including cybersecurity, digital identity, and security compliance. He has counseled technology and cybersecurity companies on business management, government policy standards, regulatory compliance, and incident response management.

Nodurft plans to work closely with ADI Members to advocate for key priorities, which include:

      1) Enabling public sector entities to invest in modern, cloud-based technology that underpins critical public sector missions and creates a more digital government.

      2) Ensuring that public sector acquisition practices allow for and encourage investments in emerging technology.

      3) Building smart cybersecurity policies, practices, and programs that leverage and promote modern technology and practices.

      4) Helping government agencies attract and grow the right technology talent to capture the efficiencies and opportunities created by use of a modern, cloud-based technology.

During his career in both the government and private sectors, Nodurft has worked closely with federal procurement officials and ‎other information technology leaders. He also collaborated on policies to advance modernization efforts and ‎adoption of cloud based technology‎. He has served as chief of the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) cyber team in the White House overseeing federal government cybersecurity policy and federal agency incident response. In partnership with the White House’s senior leadership, he developed, implemented, and transitioned key cybersecurity and risk management policies and initiatives across two administrations, including the Cybersecurity National Action Plan (CNAP), the IT Modernization report and plan and the OMB breach memorandum. In his role at OMB, he led efforts to modernize federal IT systems and modernize risk management practices to ensure secure infrastructure across the federal government.

“I am thrilled to join ADI and work closely with the membership to engage on the critical topics of technology modernization, security, acquisition, and workforce. I look forward to advancing ADI’s mission by working with government leaders and policy makers to drive adoption of innovative technology that can advance the missions of our public sector partners,” said Ross Nodurft.

Nodurft also served as a legislative director for a U.S. House of Representatives member, a senior policy advisor for a U.S. senator and a professional staff member with the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship, where he started the cybersecurity/IT portfolio in the Small Business Committee.

“Ross is uniquely qualified to lead ADI,“ noted ADI Chair and CEO of Telos Corporation John Wood. “He possesses both the range of experience and the skillsets ADI needs to advance our mission and grow our organization and influence. We look forward to working with Ross to further ADI’s objectives.”

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