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Alliance for Digital Innovation Welcomes Virtru as New Member

May 12, 2022

WASHINGTON (May 12, 2022) – Virtru is the latest company to join the Alliance for Digital Innovation (ADI), which works to bring state-of-the-‎art information technology to government for enhanced efficiency and security. As a leader in data security and ‎inventor of the Trusted Data Format, Virtru’s data encryption expertise will help ADI strengthen the nation’s ‎cyber defenses while reducing unnecessary compliance burdens on solution providers.

‎“We are thrilled to add Virtru to our organization’s growing membership,” said ADI Executive Director Ross ‎Nodurft. “Virtru brings encryption technology to the public sector market at a time when both mission owners ‎and enterprise operators are leveraging this technology to protect mission-critical data. ADI looks forward to ‎working together with Virtru to break down the policy barriers to enable public sector officials to access critical ‎encryption technologies.”‎

Virtru empowers organizations to easily and securely share information while maintaining complete control of ‎their data at all times. More than 7,000 global customers trust Virtru to power their Zero Trust strategies ‎and ‎safeguard critical data in accordance with the world’s strictest security standards. Creators of ‎the open, IC-‎standard TDF (Trusted Data Format), Virtru equips organizations to protect and respect the data, adding a layer ‎of encryption and Zero Trust Data Control that travels with the data, everywhere it goes.‎

‎”When private- and public-sector organizations join forces to innovate together, powerful things happen: We ‎can solve problems quickly, overcome legacy challenges, and fortify our national security,” said Virtru’s Co-‎Founder and CEO, John Ackerly. “As a longtime partner to the intelligence community and dozens of federal, ‎state, and local government agencies, Virtru is proud to join the Alliance for Digital Innovation to help public-‎sector organizations secure the critical, sensitive data our nation depends on.”