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Alliance for Digital Innovation Statement on National Defense Authorization Act

December 7, 2022

Washington, D.C., December 7, 2022 – The Alliance for Digital Innovation (ADI) appreciates the work of the House and Senate Committees to provide the Department of Defense with authorization through the NDAA to invest in modern, cloud-based infrastructure and applications. We appreciate the Committees’ responsiveness to industry input on a number of topics addressed by the bill.

Specifically, ADI is encouraged that Congress heard industry’s concerns regarding Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) requirements. The removal of this language will benefit current Administration and industry efforts to develop a standardized approach to SBOMs across federal civilian and defense agencies. ADI will continue to work with the Administration and Congress to implement secure software development practices, mature SBOMs, and improve the nation’s security.

ADI also supports inclusion of the FedRAMP authorization legislation in the NDAA.  ADI believes that authorizing FedRAMP is the first step to fully and robustly resourcing the program so that it can accredit the many cloud-based technologies the government needs. Rep. Connelly, Rep. Comer, Sen. Peters, and Sen. Portman deserve credit for pushing this legislation over the finish line.  ADI will continue to work closely with GSA and the FedRAMP PMO to improve the processes and throughput to continue to facilitate secure, modern cloud-based environments across the government.