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Alliance for Digital Innovation Urges Senate to Restore Funding for Technology Modernization Fund

July 14, 2023

The Alliance for Digital Innovation issued the statement below in response to the cuts to the Technology Modernization Fund proposed by the Senate in the Financial Services and General Government 2024 appropriations bill.

“Rescinding TMF funding and removing investments in modern, cloud technology and zero trust cybersecurity environments will negatively impact the effectiveness and security of our government agencies and their ability to service citizens. The TMF is helping agencies make investments that have been decades in the making, due – in part – to Congress continually using IT line items as a bill payer,” said Ross Nodurft, executive director of the Alliance for Digital Innovation. “To see this happen today, as more and more of our core government services and defenses move into a digital environments, is disappointing and reckless. We encourage the Senate to restore all of the rescinded funding and continue to provide the flexibility to invest in IT modernization, cybersecurity, and customer experience.”