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Alliance for Digital Innovation Releases 2024 Legislative Priorities to Help States Provide Modern, State-of-the Art Digital Services for Citizens

October 12, 2023

Washington, DC, October 12, 2023 – The Alliance for Digital Innovation, an alliance of technology companies focused on accelerating the adoption of innovative commercial technology by federal and state governments, today released its 2024 legislative priorities to help states provide modern, state-of-the art digital services for their citizens.

“State governments face increasing demand for digital services from the people they serve,” said Dan Wolf, director of state programs for the Alliance for Digital Innovation. “Unfortunately, many outdated, ineffective legacy IT systems with weak security are still in use in state government. The Alliance is committed to work with state legislators and other officials to support the adoption of cloud-based, commercial technology solutions to meet the evolving needs of citizens in a more secure, reliable, and cost-effective manner.”

“The Alliance for Digital Innovation supports efforts to streamline the acquisition and adoption of innovative commercial technologies by the federal and state governments to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of government services,” said Ross Nodurft, executive director of the Alliance for Digital Innovation. “We look forward to continuing our engagement with state governments on technology modernization, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, acquisition practices, and government workforce development to advance these common goals.”

ADI’s 2024 state legislative priorities include:

  • Empowering state governments to invest in modern, cloud-based commercial technology that underpins critical public sector missions and creates an effective digital government.
  • Building smart cybersecurity policies, practices, and programs that encompass all of a state’s public entities and critical infrastructure.
  • Promoting the adoption of a risk-based, technical approach to the use of artificial intelligence by state governments.
  • Ensuring that public sector acquisition practices encourage investments in emerging technology.
  • Helping government agencies attract and grow a state’s technology talent to maximize the efficiencies and opportunities created by modern, cloud-based technology.

About the Alliance for Digital Innovation

The Alliance for Digital Innovation (ADI) is a non-profit alliance of technology companies focused on accelerating change in the public sector through the adoption of innovative commercial technology. We engage with government thought leaders to advocate for the removal of institutional and bureaucratic barriers to the operation of a modern digital government. We are currently the largest advocacy coalition in the country for providers of cloud-based services.