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It is time to replace outdated, insecure and costly-to-maintain legacy technologies. ADI exists to accelerate change by driving government’s adoption of innovative commercial technology.


Acquisition at the Speed of Technology

Technology evolves with ever increasing speed. But accessing new technologies is very difficult for government.

Why? Because outdated and cumbersome procurement requirements take months to navigate.​

Many IT solutions acquired by government are obsolete the very day they are installed, because they take too long to get through the procurement system.

ADI will tackle these obstacles by examining current procurement practices, and supporting new acquisition techniques that deliver innovative commercial technologies to government.



IT Workforce Development

It is often said that people are policy. This applies particularly to government. If government cannot recruit, hire and retain the specialized people essential to a modern digital government, then our de facto policy becomes technological mediocrity.

A modern digital government cannot remain behind-the-times and increasingly irrelevant to our daily lives.

At ADI, we will examine new approaches to IT workforce development, whether through specialized training, new incentives, expedited hiring authorities or public/private partnerships.


Emerging Technologies

How should government approach tectonic technological revolutions, such as AI, machine learning, quantum computing, and cybersecurity? How does the government safely connect to these technologies via the cloud?

How should these technologies be approached- cautiously or with enthusiasm? What new services can be derived for the American people? And how do we prevent these exciting new developments from becoming a threat to our privacy and civil liberties?

These are the questions that must be answered. ADI will take a leadership role in exploring these new technologies and offering new policies defining their relationship to government.

It’s Time…

to replace outdated, insecure and costly-to-maintain legacy systems.

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