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The Alliance for Digital Innovation works to streamline the U.S. public sector’s acquisition and adoption of innovative commercial technologies to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of government services.

We support laws, policies, and regulations that contribute to the development of a modern, 21st century digital government.

ADI’s key priorities include:

  • Technology Modernization – Enabling public sector entities to invest in modern, cloud-based technology that underpins critical public sector missions and creates a more digital government.
  • Simplified Acquisition – Driving public sector acquisition practices to allow for and encourage investments in emerging technology.
  • Enhanced Cybersecurity – Building smart cybersecurity policies, practices, and programs that streamline compliance, maximize reciprocity of compliance regimes, require technology capabilities to be secure by design, and decrease the cost of working with government.
  • Technology Savvy Workforce – Establishing workforce policies that incentivize the hiring and development of talent by federal and state governments that can leverage capabilities of modern, cloud-based technology solutions.