Agency CIOs are still not empowered

GAO is out with a report this week on how the 24 CFO Act agencies are doing when it comes to imple­menting IT policies consistent with federal law and regulation in 6 key areas.  According to an article inFCW agencies scored the “best on policies that address IT leadership and accountability — 11 had policies fully addressing this category, and all 24 at least partially addressed it.” For the most part, agencies also had policies in place addressing IT budgeting and information security, even if the vast majority had not fully addressed them.  Agencies lagged behind on IT investment management, strate­gic planning and the workforce, with not one fully implemented policy in any of these three areas.  This in spite of the 2014 passage of FITARA and a May 2018 executive order calling for greater CIO authority.  Here’s the GAO Report.