VMware’s Bill Rowan Joins Alliance for Digital Innovation Board of Directors

VMware’s Bill Rowan Joins Alliance for Digital Innovation Board of Directors

WASHINGTON (August 25, 2020) – The Alliance for Digital Innovation (ADI), the leading voice for commercial innovation in the public sector, is pleased to announce that Bill Rowan, Vice President of Federal Sales at VMware, has joined the ADI Board of Directors.

ADI focuses on empowering federal agencies to more effectively purchase and use innovative commercial technology to provide modern, secure and effective digital experiences that improve the lives of the American people. VMware is a global leader in cloud infrastructure and digital transformation and the company’s continued growth in the Federal IT modernization space is empowering a meaningful shift in government adoption of commercial technology solutions.

“VMware was one of the original members of ADI and has long provided important and powerful leadership in advocating for policies that enable government agencies to more effectively and securely leverage commercial technology solutions to meet mission needs,” said Matthew T. Cornelius, ADI’s executive director. “We are thrilled that Bill Rowan has agreed to bring VMware’s unique and powerful perspective to the Board of Directors.”

ADI employs deep policy analysis, collaborative engagement with federal leaders, and strong advocacy on behalf of innovative commercial companies to rapidly accelerate digital transformation in government and enable agencies to more effectively leverage modern, secure digital capabilities to deliver on mission objectives and improve the citizen experience.

“For more than two decades, VMware solutions have helped governments drive their missions and meet constituent expectations for modern, efficient, and cost-effective services,” said Bill Rowan, VMware. “We look forward to supporting ADI’s important work to drive IT modernization as governments navigate increasing agency requirements, changing workforce dynamics, and rising cyber threats.”