Biden Proposed $10B+ In Cyber & IT Funds as part of COVID-19 Relief, ADI Comments

Biden Proposed $10B+ In Cyber & IT Funds as part of COVID-19 Relief, ADI Comments

President Joe Biden asked Congress to approve a sweeping COVID-19 relief plan that included more than $10 billion in funding for cybersecurity and information technology, describing it as “an urgent national security issue that cannot wait.”

The Alliance for Digital Innovation (ADI) strongly supports the breadth and depth of this proposal. The Biden plan ensures that robust technology and cybersecurity capabilities will be provided to support the execution of these his ambitious and necessary agenda.

“Earmarking $9 billion for Technology Modernization Fund, shows the incoming administration clearly understands its unique value proposition of IT modernization and how important effective technology infrastructure will be for supporting agency efforts, particularly as it relates to accelerated COVID-19 response,” said Matthew Cornelius, Executive Director of Alliance for Digital Innovation.

Additional requests for IT and cybersecurity dollars, for the Office of Management and Budget, the General Services Administration and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency highlight the Biden team’s plans to significantly expand digital services talent in government. It also indicates a robust response to the recent SolarWinds hack, and enable these agencies to provide critical technology and cybersecurity services to the entire federal government.

ADI strongly supports these critical elements of the American Rescue Plan and encourage Congress to work swiftly with President-elect Biden to ensure important IT modernization and cybersecurity funds are included in any relief legislation.

“Immediate IT modernization investments will speed the government’s ability to deliver vital benefits, programs, and services to the American people. Providing necessary, targeted funding for technology and cybersecurity capabilities will support the execution of President-elect Biden’s ambitious and necessary agenda,” said Cornelius.

The Biden plan will dramatically increase the use of commercial technologies in government and provide for a more robust, effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic and economic recovery for American families and businesses.