SafeLogic: Reflection on a Year of ADI Membership

SafeLogic: Reflection on a Year of ADI Membership

SafeLogic Blog (February 9, 2021)

By Walter Paley, SafeLogic Vice President of Communications

SafeLogic is quickly approaching our first anniversary as a member of the Alliance for Digital Innovation, which is very exciting. Our leadership team first met Executive Director Matthew Cornelius at the RSA Conference in 2020, and while the world entered the COVID era shortly afterwards and began shutting down, our engagement with ADI began to ramp up.

Matthew and the ADI team are focused on the idea that the Federal government would benefit significantly from accelerated adoption of innovative commercial technology. This really resonated with us and our priorities and holistic goals are very well aligned with ADI. As a member, we are working hard with the Alliance to promote policy that supports the deployment of the latest and greatest solutions, while still maintaining a high bar for the design and function of those solutions. It’s a balancing act between innovation and assurance, and we’re right at the heart of it helping those innovative technologies achieve FIPS 140 validation quickly, easily, and simply, so that they can move forward and be deployed at the tip of the spear where they belong.

At the end of last year, in anticipation of the election, ADI began putting together what was ultimately published in December as the ‘Priorities for the Incoming Administration and Congress’, a roadmap for the coalition’s recommendations. It’s a stellar collection of thought leadership written in easily digestible modules, organized by pillar, and targeted for what is happening right now at the intersection of technology innovation and the Public Sector.