The Alliance for Digital Innovation Announces Its 2021 Board and Officers

The Alliance for Digital Innovation Announces Its 2021 Board and Officers

Washington, DC The Alliance for Digital Innovation (ADI) , which represents a cohort of organizations in the IT, cybersecurity, cloud, and digital technology sectors, is pleased to announce its 2021 Officers and Board.  At its latest meeting, the Board of Directors re-elected John Wood (Telos Corporation) as Chair, elected Steve Kovac (Zscaler, Inc.) as Vice Chair, and re-elected Jeff Powell (Strongbridge LLC) as Treasurer, and Robert DuPree (Telos Corporation) as Secretary.

The new board was named at its recent annual meeting. Elected by ADI members, each board member brings unique insights and diverse experiences to support the federal government in procuring modern digital technological solutions.

The 2021 ADI Board Members:

ADI’s returning Chair, John Wood, stated “Thank you for allowing me to serve this year as chairman.  I look forward to working with all of you to continue to grow ADI and advance our mission.”

ADI’s Board of Directors is comprised of a dedicated team of industry leaders committed to driving the adoption of digital technology to empower the US government to tackle meaningful challenges. We are excited to channel the Board’s talent and expertise in furthering our mission.

* Indicates a returning Board Member

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The Alliance for Digital Innovation (ADI) ( exists to accelerate change by driving government’s adoption of innovative commercial technology. ADI represents 26 companies with an aim of tackling obstacles in accessing and procuring new technology solutions in the federal government. The Alliance brings value to the federal IT and cybersecurity space by examining current procurement practices and supporting new acquisition techniques that deliver innovative commercial technologies to government.

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