Federal IT Modernization: Learning from the Past, While Looking to the Future

Morning Consult (August 28, 2018) Eight years after the “25 Point Implementation Plan to Reform Federal IT Management,” the federal government information technology landscape has evolved quite a bit, and it’s important to reflect back on the progression of federal IT modernization efforts in the United States as we all plan for the future.

Treasury sees new role for CFOs

Federal News Network (August 8, 2018) The Department of Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service rolled out a new 10-year plan this week to transform the role of federal chief financial officers.   The main focus of the plan is automation, aiming to leverage new technologies to improve service delivery.  The 10-year vision contains 4 core …

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Move to the cloud is a no brainer so why resist?

Washington Technology (June 14, 2018) Every day, American consumers enjoy the benefits of cloud computing. From streaming music to online shopping to social media, our daily lives are shaped by cloud-driven technologies that enable virtually unlimited information and content to be more securely stored and accessed from any location.

A proxy battle of innovation vs. legacy technology

Defense News (May 8, 2018) Like many in the technology sector, I’ve watched with great interest the contracting community’s maneuvering on the Pentagon’s upcoming Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) cloud computing contract, marked by vigorous jousting among competitors to gain ground in new markets or protect existing ones.

IT Modernization, rapid procurements and the Government Shut Down

Why isn’t anyone discussing the national security imperative? As the government shutdown presses forward into unexplored territory, no one is asking what impact the continuing funding delays might have upon IT modernization. This should be a significant concern, as IT modernization is now widely recognized as a national security imperative. The cumbersome and lengthy acquisition …

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