Alliance for Digital Innovation 2021 Priorities to Improve Technology, Policy and Law

“ADI has developed a set of legislative and policy proposals that we believe can unite both parties and both the Legislative and Executive branches of government,” the paper states. “These efforts will empower Federal agencies to thoughtfully and effectively leverage innovative commercial technology and cybersecurity capabilities, reduce wasteful spending on outdated technology and infrastructure, and ensure government builds a robust, yet agile, foundation for long-term digital transformation.”

The paper provides a set of common sense steps that President-elect Biden and Congress can take to reform outdated laws that hamper IT modernization, and push agencies to more readily adopt enterprise-wide commercial capabilities to improve the citizen experience. “In an oftentimes divided Washington, ADI knows that accelerating innovation and improving government operations to lower costs and enhance service delivery for our fellow citizens are true bipartisan areas of agreement. These recommendations present real opportunities to unleash digital transformation to deliver better outcomes to taxpayers,” says Matthew Cornelius, Executive Director at ADI.

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